How It Works

We look at all of the costs involved in owning and running an online business so that it's profitable. After all, this is why you want to market your business through the internet, to make it profitable right?

Our financial analysis team will go over your business metrics to determine your Break Even Point for Internet Marketing.
The details of your business metrics and Internet Marketing costs are detailed below.


It will take 1 week to produce this analysis on your business.

1. Your Business Metrics

Your business metrics involves knowing the following details:

  • Your average profit margin on product or service
  • Your current data base size
  • The geographical area you service
  • Products/services you have
  • Your phone/email leads to sales conversion rate
  • Your current website lead conversion rate (if you have a website)

2. Google Traffic Cost (Online Advertising)

For every market and every keyword within that market there is a unique cost for a click to that keyword. The cost for generating a visitor through the keyword that they use via Google is dependent on how competitive the market is for that very keyword.

Types of Google Traffic Costs:

  • CPC - Cost Per Click - For your business we can determine exactly how much it will cost to produce 100 people interested in your product service via paid traffic
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - We can also determine how it much it will cost to be on the left side on page 1 of Google and how many people that will bring to your website

3. Direct Response Website

Our direct response websites generate higher lead conversions and sales conversions than conventional websites due to our marketing process, the science of how we as humans interact with websites through our computer screens and how Google robots work.

4. ROI - Return On Investment

By utilising your Business Metrics, your Google Traffic Costs and applying our Direct Response Website conversions, we are able to create a budget plan of your expected break-even point of your online revenue generating business.