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What Is An IBC?

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As you know, the internet is no longer the “under dog” of marketing mediums – as the internet usage grows out of control infused in everyone’s lives in so many different devices, the digital era has just barely touched the surface of things yet to come... exciting isn’t it?

Grab Your Piece of the Pie While It's Still Early...

The industry is still in its pioneering days compared to print, TV and radio because we spend more time on the internet than any other of the mediums, but the internet advertising dollar spend is 4 times less.

That means there is massive growth in the industry to come in the next 5 years as more businesses flock to the internet by diverting their non performing advertising dollar from the older less used mediums to the largest used medium, the internet.

When You Succeed, We Succeed...

An IBC (Internet Business Consultant) educates businesses on how to use the internet to GROW THEIR BUSINESS online. We don't just build websites; we build an online version of their offline business so it PRODUCES SALES.

Once the client is educated on their personalised Internet Marketing Strategy based on their marketing budget and business metrics, an IBC will initiate and produce the results for the client.

This is done by using our 4 different teams, trained on each discipline of the 4 specialised areas that make up any internet marketing strategy, i.e. Direct Response Websites, PPC, SEO and Email Marketing.

Consistent Proven Results!

Consistent We have consistently proven time and time again that our Online Performance of our direct response websites compared to the average website in this market is around 1000% higher based on revenue generated for clients. This is because we GUARANTEE and PRODUCE MONEY MAKING RESULTS for our clients "offline" services or products. How we achieve this is through using our direct response marketing methods that drive relevant traffic to our clients websites that convert into sales leads - other website builders fail to make this promise or don't even know how! We are currently now collecting more video testimonials of the latest performance for our clients.

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A Business Opportunity with Systems That Work and a Proven Successful Model...

The IBC Program is not just another "Internet Marketing Strategy" of making money at home that you see in your email every day saying how easy it is to make $10,000/month by working a few hours/week.

This is a 100% Full License Business that comes with live training, phone, Instant Messenger chat and email support, company process documents and flow charts on how to order all the products. You get full access to all of the SAME team, resources and systems to produce the work you see on this site.

This license is A PROVEN AND SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MODEL as can be seen on our various awards and Media Attention.

A Strategy Is NOT A Business... It's Only 1 Component of the Bigger Picture

An "Internet Marketing Strategy" is just an idea without the tools or resources to implement the strategy while an Internet Business License is a REAL business that comes with all the resources, credibility, proof and documentation to order any Internet Marketing strategy you want to execute at below wholesale costs, rather than retail costs.

This opens up any Internet Marketing possibility that you can dream of for yourself or your clients. In fact we encourage you to build your own online business models.

Once you complete the Live Training Program (yes this is a small Internet Marketing task to do) you become a fully certified Internet Business Consultant. You can then apply all your Internet Marketing knowledge that you picked up over the years, and apply it to either your own online business models or to paying clients websites to produce and execute a successful internet marketing plan.

You will finally learn the reality of how Internet Marketing is done by having access to behind the scenes on all our private projects!


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To Get This Training You Must Have:

To Go This

1. Individuals :

If you are an individual wanting to take advantage of the below wholesale costs and systems in place to get Direct response websites, PPC or SEO for your own uses you must be:

  • PASSIONATE about the internet and the lifestyle it leads to.
  • Able to communicate well with people and follow up communication via phone, IM chat or emails.
  • COOL! (Yes. you heard right! We only want to deal with down to earth cool people - if you get this, then you get it!)

We Don't Take On Just Any Client; You Truly Must Possess The 3 Qualities Above!

2. Business Owners and/or Existing Internet Business Solutions Clients

If you are:

  • A business owner looking to apply Internet Marketing for your own business.
  • An existing Internet Business Solutions client who has been impressed by your IBC's know-how and marketing savvy and thinking about doing this for yourself or have your in-house team trained to use our systems and specialised teams.

Save Massively on Your Online Marketing Budget - In The Long-term!

As a business owner we recommend you take the training (or have your staff trained) through our program. In fact we encourage it, as you will get even better results!

Instead of spending your marketing budget with us - spend it on your own Internet Marketing education and use our systems at our below wholesale cost price - Saving you massive amounts of money (up to 80% on some products), giving you control and direction of your own Internet Marketing Strategies which will produce better results for you in the long term.

Why You Want This Training?

Because there is nothing like it on the market!

How do we know? We looked for ourselves, but everything was subpar to perform results for our own projects. So we developed and built our own resources and tools for our own projects.

We have now put this into a training package by way of a license to share and grow our passionate Internet Marketing family so we work together on projects .

So go to Google and compare our performance with the few other internet business consultant trainers. They either only offer training and no resources, or if they do have resources such as direct response websites, PPC and SEO, they are severely under par compared with our performance.

If you find a company, let us know, and we will pay you $500 for this information if it's real, as we will join with them.

We are so flexible, you also get the opportunity to build out onto the training system if you feel there is an opportunity or need you can fill. There is no hierarchy structure; everyone is on the same playing field. You are in contact with all the other licensees to work on projects together and/or forming JV relationships on your strengths.

We have so many private projects we don't have the time to build out, you have the chance to pick up these leads and work on them in a JV relationship.

All you have to do is ask for a project, in fact we REALLY want and encourage you to do this as it's a win/win situation.


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The 3 Way $$$ Win

The IBC Program is a business model created for a win/win/win situation, and are the only models Internet Business Solutions work with, because they are the best and the only ones that truly work:

Doller   You win with a very high hourly rate and passive income without any expenses such as wages, rent, or inventory
Dollar   The Clients have a revenue producing website
Dollar   And we get to work together on the higher end Internet Marketing Joint Ventures!

Once You Know HOW To Do It For Your Clients, You Can Do It For Yourself - At Below Cost Price!

When you become an Internet Business Consultant with Internet Business Solutions, you gain access to our people at BELOW WHOLE SALE PRICES utilizing our PROVEN SYSTEMS and Procedures in place that we already use!

When it's time to build your own streams of passive income (after you have cut your teeth on building 1 or 2 basic 5 or 10 pages sites for clients and getting paid well for it) for yourself through i.e. Affiliate Sites, Membership Sites, Blogging etc, you will have access to our team and resources paying less than wholesale costs with processes that you are now comfortable with.

The result? You end up designing and project managing your own projects just like it's another client or you can see it as you become the client, and that means there is less waiting for decisions to be made, and so these projects get built twice as fast.

Your Training Includes:

Your Training Include

1. Access to our specialised individual teams:

  • Direct Response Websites
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Email marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Virtual Assistants

2. Online membership siteshows you how to get access your specialised team members that include :

  • Structured processes and systems documented in detailed flow charts
  • Online training videos explaining certain process steps.
  • Ability to ask questions right under each and every video. Answers are posted under your question. You can then read other Q & A's from trainees before you that will cut down the learning curve.

3. Internet Marketing educationon:

  • On-page and Off Page SEO
  • PPC Optimised Landing Pages
  • How to Build High Converting Landing Pages
  • Video Marketing
  • And more...

4. We provideyou detailed flow charts of how to initiate and build a Direct Response Website, SEO, and Pay Per Click campaign so you don't get lost.

5. Procedural documentsto order SEO, PPC or Direct Response Websites from our teams.

6. We EQUIP YOUwith a marketing and sales tool kit which includes:

  • We tell you where to find an ABUNDANCE of clients and teach you the marketing methods that are already in place for you to use on how to get the clients CHASING YOU!
  • Presentation slides to help prepare you for your client presentations one on one or through public speaking
  • 10 examples of real quotes ( names omitted)
  • Leverage off our credibility, testimonials, awards.
  • Your Name and cell/mobile number with our receptionist
  • Our business card template
  • Email signature block

And much MORE!

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