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For the business models below, Internet Business Solutions has invested our Internet Marketing strategies and execution, in return for various equity share of the entire business.

The following websites are all profitable and win win for both parties:

Cosmetic Matching Service


Cosmetic Matching Service dominates women’s online cosmetic service research. It helps people to choose the clinic which offers safe, high quality and enjoyable cosmetic experience at the right price.

!300 CTP CTP



1300 CTPCTP is the car insurance company that provides online insurance services. People can buy car insurance online, compare the insurance rates among different providers, and seek professional advice.


Water Damage Sydney


Water Damage Sydney provides leads for emergency water damage restoration services by getting massive amounts of traffic from SEO, Video Marketing, Goggle Maps and PPC, converting them into leads and passing them onto water damage businesses.

The Law of Ferrari

The Law of Ferrari Attraction


‘The Law of Ferrari Attraction’ eBook provides a step-by-step plan for people who want to get a Ferrari at an affordable price in a short time.

Designing My Dream Home

Designing My Dream Home


‘Designing My Dream Home’ ebook shows you how to personally design the dream home that suits people’s needs, budgets and lifestyles in 7 very clear and easy steps.

Download Messenger Free Online

Download Messenger Free Online


You will find all new versions of MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Skype on ‘Download Messenger Free Online’. Besides, there are more than 10,000 FREE Smiles for you to download.

Easy Pay Day Loans Online

Easy Pay Day Loans Online


Need a loan? ‘Easy Pay Day Loans Online’ provides an easy and fast way for you to get the cash you need! It guarantees you are wired in 1 hour. Instant approval, no faxing and no credit checks!




Oznetics is selling the largest , most cutting edge range of HDMI Cables & Accessories.

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish


Want to learn Spanish? Here is a review of the top 10 Spanish learning programs on the market to save you time researching it yourself.