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We Are A Professional Team Of Highly Passionate Internet Marketers & Digital Technicians Working In A Structured Internet Environment, Building E-Commerce Businesses For Ourselves To Acquire Profits And Then Apply Those Same Methods On Our Clients Businesses Too.

Yes! That's right, we use the same methods, tools and techniques to produce profits on our own business and now share our knowledge and expertise with our clients to produce similar results.

With a team of over 45 people across the world we have created a 24/7 production team which allows us to deliver complex strategies and solutions in a short time, at a competitive rate for ourselves and for our clients coming on board.


Our History:

Once upon a time, we hired a website designer and spent $7,000. We asked the designer, "What do we need to put on the website?" They said "We don't know." So we provided our offline marketing material and put it up on our website like a catalogue or magazine (we later realized that this is a big NO NO! In the online world). We asked the website builder "How long will it take to complete the website?" They said "perhaps 4-6 weeks"... months and months later, we were still waiting. After a VERY long process an ugly website was FINALLY built and ready to go live. We asked our website builder "How do we get on Google?" and the website builder said "We don't know." Although the website was open and ready for business no traffic came through and no one knew we existed!

Does that sound familiar to you?



Now that was a VERY painful and expensive lesson. Frustrated by the whole experience we decided to figure out this "Internet Marketing" for ourselves. The result? We became passionate about Internet Marketing and now produce outcomes that result in profits. We refined the process over the years on our own e-commerce businesses that now produce solid passive incomes and are growing.

This knowledge is only known and used among "Internet Marketing Experts" for their own businesses and was not on offer as a service. We then got tired of watching & hearing other people going through the same expensive frustrations of hiring a web design, PPC, or SEO company and not getting the end result they were after. So we decided to open up these tools and processes to you, the general public through this site.

We believe that by fully immersing ourselves in our clients brand and business we can offer far more value as a strategic & digital partner. Digital is no longer the "under dog" of the marketing world, campaigns and strategies are now built around digital media with digital media becoming the centre piece of any activity, so a digital agency really needs to work at that strategic level with their clients.

With our proven high conversion website designs, traffic generation processes and marketing methods, our clients no longer have to experience the headaches that we once went through.

7 Secrets Of The Most Powerful Entrepreneurs On the Planet

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Oprah Winfrey

Warren Buffet

Rupert Murdoch

Oprah Winfrey

Steve jobs

Rupert Murdoch

Donald trump

Donald Trump

Warren buffet

The fundamental characteristics of basic business strategies and practices used by the powerful and successful entrepreneurs are the same practices we follow at Internet Business Solutions. If you don't want to use the same 7 secrets like these people do, then we do not wish to work with you, as we will not be able to meet your needs:

1 Low Risk, Low Return
2 High Risk, High Return
3 Lower Risk Through Education And Specialist Advice
4 Find Specialists Who Are Smarter Than You
5 They Trust Their Gut, More Than Their Head
6 Focus On One Thing At A Time
7 Quick Decisions