Every site that we build is unique and made to fit with your requirements and strategy.

We will work with you to build the appropriate "go to market" strategy.

From strategy to design, design to technology implementation and hosting, you will get a fully custom designed and operational e-commerce store in 10 days or your money back.


Looking for a cost effective and easy to use e-commerce solution?

Our Shopping Cart is a very affordable e-commerce solution to implement the perfect online store and get your business generating new sales in no time!

If you need it customised...No problem, we can adapt the system to meet your unique e-commerce requirements at very competitive rates.

Your solution includes

  • Strategic consulting
  • Custom design to fit your target demographic
  • Implementation of the design to our e-Commerce technology
  • Design and setup of the Home page
  • Design and setup of the category page
  • Design and setup of the product page
  • Design and setup of the navigation and shopping cart tools
  • Implementation of the first 10 products
  • SSL Security
  • Integration of payment gateway
  • Training
  • Secure Hosting and emails

Customer Care

  • Customers can search & browse personal order history
  • Integrated configurable store product search
  • Real time order tracking
  • Customer can choose between account registration and express checkout
  • Fast lane checkout module for quick and intuitive checkout
  • The possibility to disable checkout without registering
  • Password reminder for customers
  • Customizable e-mail notifications/invoices
  • Wish list
  • "Send to friend" section
  • Ability to save the customer's cart
  • Newsletter management for multiple lists, edit/import/export of subscribers, news archive for customer
  • Printable versions of pages
  • Multiple customer types w/unique pricing for every customer type
  • Memberships and special pricing
  • "Clear cart" button
  • Edit product options in cart/wish list/Gift registry wish list
  • Printable invoices
  • Configurable contact form
  • Second address line for user profiles
  • Ability to change the order of products on the customer side

Product Catalogue

  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Unlimited category nesting
  • Products can be assigned to unlimited number of categories
  • Ability to modify multiple products simultaneously
  • Members-only categories
  • "Featured Products" box
  • Automated display of bestsellers
  • Related products, up selling and cross selling
  • 1-click enable/disable switch for products and categories
  • Support for up to two different currencies in the products catalogue (NOTE: payment processing is possible in one currency only!)
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Configurable search by title, description, category, SKU, price and weight
  • "Stop words filter" for product search facility (a special filter ensures that service and link words occurring in the search pattern are ignored when search by individual words is performed - available for English language only)

Product Details

  • Unlimited product options/variants/properties w/optional price modifiers
  • Unlimited custom input fields for products
  • Customer-defined prices
  • HTML-enriched product descriptions
  • Unlimited number of product images
  • Storing images in DB or on a file system
  • List a product in several categories
  • Manufacturer's module
  • Ability to display product detailed images in popup windows

Merchandising and Inventory

  • Discount coupon codes and gift certificates
  • Full inventory control
  • "Out of Stock" Messages
  • Quantity discounts
  • Retail and wholesale price
  • Limit minimal order amount

Shipping and Tax

  • Unlimited number of custom-defined delivery methods
  • Flat rate, weight, order total and per-item based shipping
  • Different weight limits for different delivery methods
  • Mark-ups for real-time shipping
  • Mark your products as "free shipping" products
  • Promotional "free shipping" coupons to your customers
  • Add handling/freight charges
  • Handle international, domestic and local shipping
  • Ability to clone a zone and all zone information
  • Restrict shipping by location
  • Allow your customers to choose delivery methods
  • Support for downloadable goods (e-goods)
  • Customizable tax calculation
  • Product-specific taxes
  • Taxes & shipping fees depending on client's location
  • "Tax exempt" feature
  • GST
  • Postage order tracking

Sales Analysis & Tracking

  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Number of orders
  • Number of customers
  • Category views
  • Products removed from cart by customers
  • Sales by product / best sellers
  • Total sales
  • Client environment settings
  • Statistics on search patterns customers use when searching products
  • Searchable order data
  • Order data is easy to print
  • Printable shipping labels
  • Automatic creation of shipping labels for orders intended to be shipped by USPS and UPS
  • Search engine & incoming traffic tracker: the cart keeps referrer data for all customers
  • Shipment/fulfilment interface
  • Export sales & customer data for use in a spreadsheet
  • Export orders to QuickBooks format

Payment Gateways & Methods

  • Accept payments in any currency
  • Allow payment via several online payment modules
  • Payment systems (including PayPal payments)
  • High variety of real-time credit card processors (over 100 payment gateways)
  • Check processors
  • Manual (offline) credit card processing
  • PayPal payments
  • Google Checkout as an alternative to standard checkout
  • Predefined set of payment methods (offline): checks, purchase orders, phone orders, wire transfer and etc.

Search Engine Friendly

  • Pages can be indexed by all major search engines
  • Define custom META tags for every category
  • Customer referrer info is stored in database
  • Product catalogue can be generated as static HTML pages for better SE indexing and ranking
  • Search engine Optimisation options group

Repeat Customer Accommodation

  • All customers' data is stored in database
  • Greet regular visitors
  • Registered customers can be offered discounts
  • Registered customers do not have to enter their data again
  • Registered customers can edit their profile
  • Registered customers can access history of their orders
  • Built-in newsletter engine
  • Real-time order tracking for registered customers
  • Moderated product reviews and ratings
  • Return Merchandise Authorization add-on to return customers' payments.

Web-based control panel

  • Password-protected administrative access
  • All changes are real-time
  • Control the cart from anywhere in the world using your web browser
  • Unlimited number of admin accounts
  • Support for restricted "shipping/fulfilment" admin accounts
  • User-defined date/time format
  • Ability for administrator to act on behalf of other users (e.g. to place phone orders for customers and use Speed2eCommerce as web based point of sale system) Security
  • Full HTTPS/SSL support
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access
  • Password-protected administrative access
  • Strong Blowfish encryption for sensitive customer data
  • PGP-encrypted e-mail notifications
  • Real-time security notifications of all failed login attempts
  • Anti-Fraud module validates customer's address during checkout
  • Stop list module allows disabling shop usage from specific IP
  • Backup sub-system
  • System fingerprints: ability to compare the status of the store files before and after modification and to discover which files have been deleted, added or modified
  • Protect registration pages and e-mail forms with a random-number image


The Multi vendor site is an advanced edition designed to be operated in multi-vendor mode (though it has the ability to operate in single-vendor mode as well).

The Multi vendor allows multiple product providers (vendors) to share a single store for selling their products.

Each provider manages his own products, orders, taxes, etc and is able to set their own shipping rates for pre-defined shipping methods independently of other providers. However the store has a joint catalogue and a common checkout point, so the customer needs to place only one order. Customers see it like a single shop with different products, and they can purchase products from different providers at a time, and will get a notification from each provider they've bought products from. Respectively, each provider will get orders for his products only.

In summary the Multi Vendor extends features by adding specific functionalities:

  • Unlimited number of isolated provider/seller accounts
  • Sellers/providers can edit only products belonging to them
  • Different providers/sellers can set their own shipping rates for pre-defined shipping methods
  • Admin account is separated from provider/seller accounts
  • Independent tax settings for providers/sellers

The Multi vendor solution is ideal for:

  • Online store selling products from multiple suppliers
  • Web Portal with several departments
  • Online distributor/wholesaler


The add-on module offers an additional functionality to enhance your ecommerce store capabilities and boost your sales and can be added at any time.

  • Commissions' database
  • Unlimited number of affiliates
  • Individual (per-affiliate) commission settings
  • Export affiliate data for use in a spreadsheet
  • Search in affiliate database
  • Import affiliate payment info from plain-text file
  • View/Upload/Delete banners

The affiliate program is a full-featured affiliate software which brings advantages of "Affiliate Marketing" to the promotion campaign of your online store.

This add-on creates a special type of users - "partners". Partners can advertise your store by placing banner(s) or buttons on their websites and earn commissions by directing visitors to your site.

You get all these exposures free and pay only a percentage or a flat rate (you decide how much) to a partner when a sale is made. The Multi vendor allows multiple product providers (vendors) to share a single store for selling their products.

The system tracks and monitors the sales and commissions for your partners who have their own login access to their admin side.


Live Stats is a 3 in 1 package enabling you to provide quality online customer services at your e-commerce website, monitor the current business situation and analyse the efficiency of sales via website statistics.

Live Stats comes in two commercial versions: Live edition and Enterprise edition. Whilst Live edition was designed to be used by one operator only, Enterprise edition is a multi-operator version designed for larger companies and enterprise corporations in which several staff members need to have simultaneous access to the gathered information and to be able to communicate with website visitors at the same time.

Live Chat to communicate with your store visitors

Live Stats Help facility enables you to organize real-time interaction with your store visitors. Featuring text and voice (VOIP-based) chat, canned messages, proactive contact, push content and other essential features you would expect from Live Chat software.

Know what the customers are doing on your site

  • Observe how visitors move about your website on the Site Monitor.
  • Get instant access to your visitors personal data. Mark important visitors.
  • Recognise visitors e-commerce actions (add to cart, site search, login, order, fill contact form etc).
  • Create custom actions. Display the most important actions on the Site Monitor.
  • Recognise existing customers and returning visitors.
  • Review their history of past visits and communication.
  • Focus on the most valuable prospects.

Get a better understanding of your business processes

  • Comprehensive website and ecommerce statistics.
  • Use pre-defined reports to get instant information about your store functioning.
  • Create professionally looking custom reports.

configuration - ADD-ON MODULE

  • Unlimited "complex" products.
  • Flexible configuration.
  • Compatibility rules for cross-selling products.
  • Types, modifications and properties for products.
  • Step-by-step product creation.

The configuration simplifies the process of creating and tracking made-to-order products with many interchangeable or optional components. The module allows defining compatibility rules. This is a perfect solution for web stores which are selling computers, software, mobile accessories, webhosting plans, etc. If your store has cross-selling products then the configuration can be applied to increase your sales.


  • Multiple numbers of events (private or public)
  • Multiple recipients of event notification
  • Guestbook for each event
  • Ability to add pop-up cards for events
  • Tracking of purchased products in gift registry
  • Event search
  • Import/export list of recipients

Gift Registry module is a tool for creating and maintaining gift registries for various events like baby, birthday, wedding, graduation, holiday, etc. Customers get abilities to publish gift registries for any kind of event (private or open to public), invite friends and relatives via e-mail, have guest books for their events and many more with help of this gift registry software module.


  • Adding/deleting ordered products
  • Updating quantity and options of ordered products
  • Modifying shipping/billing address and personal information
  • Changing payment method
  • Changing delivery method
  • Recalculation of shipping costs

Enterprise Order Management introduces capability to modify orders after they are placed by customers. The module enables managing customers' special requests for the order, replacing items that are out of stock or defective, partial refunds or returns. The features: add/remove items from order, edit parameters of the order, change delivery method, change pricing, discounts, shipping and more.


  • One click add to comparison list
  • Flipping product features chart
  • Products comparison by multiple criteria
  • Display only differing features

Feature Comparison add-on helps your customer to choose the right product from your online store. When selling complex products with numerous features, quite naturally, potential customer may be stunned by profusion of technical details. With the Feature Comparison module customer can easily place products side by side in one table to compare their characteristics at a glance. The module has an advanced admin panel supporting multiple product classes and can be used even in big stores that sell various kinds of products.

The module extends the standard search facility introducing search by features functionality.


  • Allows you to create special offers using 5 types of bonuses which can be used in different combinations:
  • Flat and percentage discounts,
  • Bonus points,
  • Free shipping,
  • Free gifts,
  • Grant of membership
  • Allows you to set up flexible conditions defining when the offer is applicable:
  • by product set,
  • by cart total,
  • by customer membership,
  • by bonus points amount,
  • by customer geographic location
  • Informs your customers of available offers (Special offers page, promo blocks, thumbnail labels)
  • Automatically applies bonus points/discounts/free shipping to qualified orders
  • Informs qualified customers of ability to get free gifts or memberships
  • Automatically disables out-of-date offers
  • Provides customers with an interface allowing to convert earned bonus points to gift certificates

The Special Offers module allows you to promote sales by introducing special offers. By enabling your customers to get free gifts, bonus points, free shipping, discounts and privileged memberships, this add-on is sure to help you make your customers online shopping experience rewarding and enjoyable.

With its convenient interface featuring step-by-step guidance on how to configure a special offer, this add-on provides you extreme flexibility in defining bonuses/discounts and setting up conditions under which they will be available to customers.

Special offers page with descriptions of existing offers, promo blocks appearing on product and category pages and clickable Special offer labels attached to product thumbnails will keep your customers informed of the best deals.


  • Support for high quality and big size images (up to 2000 px size)
  • Zooming and magnifying without image quality loss
  • Unlimited number of images attached to a product
  • GIF, JPEG and PNG image formats are supported
  • Image dragging
  • Easy for customers, easy for back-end administration
  • Images are stored on a server file system (no impact on database size, no overload)
  • Stretchable Zoom window
  • Support for skins

The Image Magnifier add-on enhances customers experience with your online store adding the ability to pan and magnify large-sized and high quality images.

This add-on allows showing your products from different points of view using attached images, so all essential details are easily exposed to your customers and website visitors.

The feature is suitable for different kinds of shops, but it's especially recommended for online shops selling fashion, jewellery, cars, decorations, ornamentals, antiques, fine art, souvenirs, glass, toys and everything that needs customers looking into details.