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Gain global marketing appeal

AccentU8 Marketing is a global company and understands first hand that language breakdown resulting from poorly translated documents can be embarrassing and very costly, jeopardising customer relationships and brand identity.

AccentU8 Marketing and our translation partners offers a range of services which enables your clients to address all aspect of their language needs, these include:

  • Ethnic Media Release
  • Document Translation
  • Translation Management
  • Email Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Graphics & Multimedia Translation
  • Multilingual Publishing
  • Software Internationalisation
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Multicultural Marketing
  • International Web Promotion

Our translation services cater for over 120 languages and over 200 formats.

Our partners employ a three point check quality control process which delivers quality translation products.

Our professional language consultants listen, understand and provide you the best solution to overcome your language barrier, employing only the best native-speaking accredited professional translators to accurately communicate your message across to the target market.

All our translation goes through a thorough check to ensure accuracy and error-free deliverables that also take into account the cultural nuances of the different languages.

Our objective is to look after all your language needs by providing the highest quality translation at a cost effective price with a fast turnaround time.