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We build profitable Web Business models not only for clients, but also for ourselves in many profitable niche markets. We are an Internet Venture Technology Firm offering our digital marketing services as capital in joint business ventures. In spite of strong demand, we only take a limited number of qualified clients per year.

Bussiness Model

Why Choose Us?

Your complete internet campaign for your business idea will be designed and executed with costs covered in exchange for an equity share of the business, that is in proportion to the amount of work we would do.

Having a professional firm either building your web based application and/or managing the Internet Marketing campaign means that the campaign will have preset target objectives with a marketing plan that actually gets delivered on time. We see many, many business owners and website development companies that don't have all the skills before hand to deliver the campaign, usually fail trying to figure out the online business plan as they go. The reason is that it takes years of internet & programming education with training on many high performance professional tools to acquire skills needed to deliver a complete internet business solution that works to make money. A complete Internet Marketing Business Plan needs to be designed before you start, which is where most people go wrong. Businesses that succeed without having an Internet Marketing Business Plan are the lucky ones that the timing, market and what they've done worked. If they tried to have a success again in another market, they would fail.

This Internet Venture offer is for people to understand that having a percentage of a large business is much more profitable than a 100% of a small business and that every lead person of a segment of a successful business focuses on his/her core strengths and gets helps in his/her areas of weaknesses.

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What We Will Do

The Internet/Digital Technology we can deliver:

      • Developing the Internet business model to determine size and profitability of market, along with the execution plan
    • High converting direct response websites
    • Mobile website that runs like an app and is 100% Google Certified as being a true mobile website
    • SEM with keywords tracked for phone and sale conversions for websites and mobile websites
    • SEO first page position on google for 95% of keywords for websites and mobile websites
    • Social Media Campaigns
    • Tele-Marketing Campaigns
    • Lead Data Management
    • Web based Applications

Our Internet/Digital Technology turns an offline business or idea into an online business reality.

We utilise our proprietary Internet Business Systems to apply internet/digital technology combined with our expertise to manage and to deliver your campaign.

Our Internet Business Platform delivers you a result on time & on budget, as it has done for all our clients. Click here to see Our Portfolio

We also have a number of very tight strategic partners in other niches across Australia and internationally that we can leverage other assets from:

  1. investors looking at internet start ups
  2. data bases in various niches
  3. wholesale costs on various services
  4. developing the financial model


What We Are Looking For

We take on internet ventures partners that:

  1. Have people that are very experienced and entrenched in their industry that can demonstrate expertise.
  2. Have a business model that is suited to the internet ( not all business models are and we have a process to identify in about 10 min if it is )
  3. Have time to deliver your defined responsibilities. Usually these projects are 1 year to be build and grow.
  4. Have done market research to identify profit can be made thru all 3 chanels: direct sales, affiliate sales through larger organisation, and strategic buy out
  5. Are willing to sign a detailed agreement defining roles, responsibilities, time frames, and objectives
  6. Understand we deliver on the internet marketing, and you deliver on the rest of the business model once it's up and running
  7. Can work within a collaborative environment with clearly defined roles
  8. Are willing to disclose their weaknesses, as well as their strengths

How It Works

After we go through your Joint Venture Brief and feel that your business model has merit, we will set up a skype interview with our team members.

Based on your business model and situation a choice of three different financial ways of delivering the IM campaign could be agreed to and reached:

  1. full retail price and you retain 100% equity of the business
  2. you pay our hard costs (20% below whole sale rate) and you relieve a small equity share of the business proportional to the amount of work we do
  3. you pay no costs ( we fund 100%) and you relieve up to 50% equity share of the business which would be proportional to the amount of work we do

If you are satisfied with what we do, you qualify in all 8 areas of what we are looking for, and you are happy with the profit sharing model, then fill out the Joint Venture Brief (click here) and we will access your application in our joint venture meeting with our investment board that is on the first week of every month.

We look forward to working with cool, laid back, switched on people within our team environment.