The people involved in this process are the decision makers in the key drivers of your business as the website's we build, are a real Income Producing Online Businesses


Your Internet Business Consultant will:


  • Identify your problem areas in your current online internet presence
  • Do an audit into your current marketing (offline and online) metrics
  • Identify your core online market (keywords) that are profitable
  • Identify your online competitor's strategies
  • Calculate your approximate Cost Per Lead or ROI


Your Internet Business Consultant will also identify your marketing messages using these elements:
  • USP: Unique Selling Proposition - what makes your product or service different from your competitors website's, so when people are comparing the first 3 websites they find, they choose yours in that first 4 seconds of viewing time
  • Sales Copy (wording on the web pages) to relate to your market
  • Types of images or graphics to create a market match based on demographic information your typical website visitor. Eg 20- 30 year old male or 40- 60 year old female


Our approach to website creation starts with the marketing objective. All websites fall into one of three types:


  • Branding
    A branding website is a promotional tool used to build the brand. No direct leads or sales are generated from a branding website.
  • Leads Acquisition and Direct Response
    A Direct Response website is designed in a way to solicit a direct response to either make a phone call, or to email or leave an email address.. Our Direct Response websites can have a click through rate of up to a massive 40%.
  • Direct Sales/eCommerce
    An eCommerce website makes money directly online. All our web application / eCommerce sites produce online sales. We have a proven system for designing direct sales sites with very high conversion rates.


Our process begins with the objective:


In our first personal consultation we explore the marketing objective, your needs and your vision for the website. We then work on your branding (if required) and develop an online strategy and marketing guide for the website which includes wireframes. Our experienced team of graphic designers then put together a website based on the wireframes and marketing creative. Finally we slice the website up and code it into a content management system.



We only pay Wholesale Traffic prices for Adwords & Facebook compared to your competitors who pay Retail Traffic prices for the same traffic.

We drive targeted clients instantly to your site which creates immediate results. Also by getting cheaper prices with higher Ad positions on the Google Results Page than your competition, you will get cheaper advertising and more clicks.

Every single keyword that we bid on is tracked when a phone call or email is made through your website. After a few months of paid traffic from the hundreds of keywords we are bidding on, we can easily see your most profitable 5-20. It is impossible to pick in advance what your 5-20 most profitable keywords are without tracking, so we love to use the paid traffic (adwords/facebook) as a research tool to find these words.


Why Do We Want To Track These Keywords?


It is too expensive to provide SEO on hundreds of keywords, so by tracking the keywords that convert from adwords, we can then select the most profitable and high search volume keywords for an SEO campaign. When you do SEO, you start with SEO'ing 10- 30 words at a time.


By owning the top position on the left hand side of Google for your most profitable keyword (carefully calculated from instant paid traffic) you will own your market by beating all your competitors in the internet space This process is called SEO'ing.

Once we know your most profitable keywords from tracking adwords, it's then simply a matter of initiating an SEO campaign on these keywords, by getting your profitable keywords on Page One of Google, thus quadrupling your traffic.


Interaction & Support


We test and monitor everything! We constantly monitor every aspect of your project to establish what produces the optimum rates of conversion of people visiting your sites.

We remain in constant communication with you and provide data and direction on what should be your next steps in your digital marketing strategy based on results!